October is my favorite color

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Okay seriously, am I the only one who is so glad we’re in October and FINALLY getting some cooler weather? I can’t be the only one who was tired of sweating just from walking out the front door. It felt like summer lasted nine months this year. I’m excited fall finally made its way to us. I get so excited for all things fall! The crisp apple and pumpkin spice scents, the activities, the decorations, the sweater weather and flannels. Fall is the coziest of all seasons, my faaave.

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I wanted to share a few fun fall/Halloween things I did with you guys so hopefully you guys can try it too! I will probably be updating this list as I try more activities, but I wanted to share this with you guys with enough time to try it before Halloween! *Thank me later*

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Haunted houses because isn’t that one of the best parts of Halloween? Seriously, I hate anything scary. I can barely watch a suspenseful movie without covering my eyes the whole time. But, for some reason haunted houses always seem to be a good idea. The first thing on my list was Dark hour haunted house. I went with one of my favorite blogger baes Lula from Whatwouldbaedo.


I mean seriously, if you want to have a HEART ATTACK go to Dark Hour. The minute you park there’s creepy creatures walking around the parking lot with whips. We could barely get a picture in without these scary characters popping out of nowhere trying to scare us. So, we knew from the parking lot that this would be a good time. It’s thirty minutes of pure entertainment. When we were in line to get into the actual haunted house I started reading the signs that had a list of things to be cautious of. This list included wet and moving floors. I was like WHAT DID I SIGN UP FOR, moving floors?! I was not trying to slide on a wet floor inside of a haunted house.

There wasn’t a second where someone or something wasn’t jumping out at us. I caught myself laughing and screaming at the top of my lungs several times during this haunted house. There were points where my lashes (so sad) and my hat came off. And Lula lost her shoe and her headband at one point. Oh and did I mention they ACTUALLY get VERY close and sometimes touch you. There was one point where we were in a spinning room and I closed my eyes to get out (definitely wouldn’t have made it out otherwise) but then I almost fell down some stairs after. BTW, who puts stairs in a haunted house? That was just a general admission ticket so I can’t even imagine what the rest is like. There are eleven more days, be sure to go buy your tickets (I believe the gas station next door offers coupons) and wear sneakers so you’re not like Lula looking for your shoe in a dark haunted house, LOL.2AD724BD-9742-4D36-A510-D177508C8E1A

The pumpkin’s nights fest Okay, so this was absolutely my FAVORITE Halloween activity. I loved them all, but this one went way above my expectations. When we got there the parking situation was TERRRRRRRRRIBLE. There were cops directing traffic and they just kept waving for us to go up and down the street, we made about four U-turns before they finally let us in. Not to mention the unpaved road to parking was not meant for the type of car we were in.

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But, when we got in there it made it ALL worth it. They had a variety of drink choices perfect for this event — wines, hot chocolate, hot cider, and other alcoholic beverages. The drinks were all reasonably priced. I decided to go with the hot cider and burnt off every single one of my taste buds * so wait for it to cool down * but it was so good and perfect for the weather. The lady serving the drinks was so nice that she even decorated my cup with me so it could look somewhat festive.

Usually when you see everyone waiting in line to take pictures you get nervous that the event won’t be all that fun. But, once we went through the trail there was SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF PUMPKINS and games. They had ones with characters like Harry Potter, the minions, Where’s Waldo, etc. They had sections for different themes as well like beach pumpkins, jellyfish pumpkins with bubbles so it felt like we were under water, Christmas pumpkins, you name it they had it. They had tons of games and see-saws. They even had giant bowling where the ball was a large pumpkin and the pins were candy corn.


We walked through all the pumpkins within about an hour and there was still more to do! They had food trucks, some were sold out, some were not. We got pizza and it was actually pretty good and the service was pretty fast. There were picnic tables to eat at. They also had a movie playing with hay on the ground and blankets, so we decided to watch that until it was time for us to go. They played the Nightmare Before Christmas. This event was amazing, perfect for date night or an outing with your friends and family. This event was only $20 and it was $20 well spent! They have a $5 rescheduling fee and it was $6 for parking. The tickets are in 30 minute increments but you can stay as long as you’d like once you’re in. This event is HIGH on my list of recommendations!


The night light sky lantern festival I found this event last minute sponsored on Instagram. I previously had plans to do the Pumpkin’s nights fest, but rescheduled because it was one night only! This event was one of the most beautiful relaxing things ever. The tickets were originally $26.50, but after ringing it up for two people with tax it came up to about $63. That was more than I wanted to pay for last minute plans so I kept searching and I found it on Groupon for $20 a ticket! $40 beats paying $63 for the same ticket!

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This event does travel so if it comes to your city I definitely recommend. They had music, food trucks (with very long lines), s’mores, fire pits (small and big), and fire dancers. This event was PERFECT for a big group event. We got to design our lanterns and everyone let them all go at the same time after the sun went down. You make your wish and let them go. Of course, the lantern I wrote all my wishes on burned before I got to even let it go and the guy next to me had to stomp the fire out *LOL it would be my lantern to catch fire* but I was able to let two more go.  It was so beautiful and the music they played was perfect for it. You get one lantern per ticket but can buy more for $10 a lantern. This event does get VERY packed so be sure to get there early. Feel free to comment your city and I can see if a lantern festival is coming to a town near you!

7C57E286-66BD-417F-B04B-369145879263This picture is of me and a random man lighting my lantern because I couldn’t light a lighter if my life depended on it.

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The State Fair Do I even need to state the obvious? THE STATE FAIR IS IN TOWN, yay! It actually took me about five years to visit the state fair. Last year I went twice and of course it was a good time. Especially when it’s not too packed, so get in there early! I went yesterday and it was PACKED. But, all the lines move quickly. I definitely went for the funnel cake but I also got to try fried PB & J. Who even knew that was a thing? But, we all know they have fried EVERYTHING there, including fried butter. Admission is $18 and tickets for food and rides are sold separately once you make it inside the park. I do not trust fair rides or any rides for that matter, so I went strictly for the food and as always there were a ton of options!782167EB-7D90-4B43-A8B8-CCF66EBFA886B0A392CE-335C-4507-AEDA-FD3E67984B9D

5713BFCA-E0B0-46D5-AA0B-1B121E8F70E6The Old Monk  I actually found this earlier in October and I had so much going on that I actually forgot about it. But, I’m so glad I made it before it was over! It was so perfect for a girls night out! This pumpkin carving is at Old Monk in Dallas. It costs $13 which includes a beer, a pumpkin of your choice, and a carving kit. And the great news is the $13 is for donation for a local charity!

The food was also good, very expensive, and they had meatless options which is always a plus. I will say I definitely underestimated the amount of people who actually carve pumpkins because it was PACKED in there. The seating was first come first serve. The patio seating out front was pretty much empty because it was freezing and rainy today so dress warm if you plan to sit there! They also have a back patio that is heated and indoor seating. This was my first time ever carving a pumpkin and it was a great experience. Halloween is the last day for pumpkin carving and the pumpkins are while supplies last so be sure to get in there early. They open at 3pm and close at 2am.


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Happy Halloween!

Talk to you soon,



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