Don’t Forget the Bug Spray

B96FF572-138C-40CF-BE3A-62241BAA5CC2Over the last month or so, I’ve found myself really wanting to travel. But, due to Covid-19 I knew I wouldn’t be getting on a plane or going anywhere crowded any time soon. I thought it’d be a good idea to start compiling a bucket list of unconventional ways to travel that require little to no human interaction or getting on a plane.  On the top of my list was staying in a treehouse.

I didn’t even know a treehouse like this existed until I started doing some research. The one I found and stayed at was located in Spicewood at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. However, if you don’t live in or near Texas and you’d like to experience this for yourself, there are many treehouse stays in different states. You can usually find them as an Airbnb and some of them are much more luxurious. This experience was great for friends, family trips, and weekend getaways with a significant other. They have multiple options for their guests to choose from.

If you don’t want to take your own car on a road trip consider renting one. We rented one from DFW airport for as little as $29 a day and it was great on gas.

The Cypress Valley Canopy Tours Treehouse has a two-night stay minimum and was around $250 a night for the Willow and Juniper Treehouse. We stayed in the Willow. They had multiple treehouses but Willow and Juniper were the most “cost effective.” I usually prefer to book more affordable stays but this was an experience I didn’t want to miss out on. They also usually offer tours that include zip lining and other activities, but it was closed when I visited.

Once I looked it up and saw the dates were available, I immediately booked it without even reading the reviews. I ALWAYS read reviews and you should too. After reading the reviews I got a little nervous but at that point I was going regardless because they didn’t allow booking cancellations or modifications at the time of my booking. I read a number of reviews, mostly good, but the few bad ones stuck out to me. One mentioned there were a ton of bugs in the treehouse and another one mentioned that they had no AC and it was extremely hot! Both were to be somewhat expected considering it’s a house in a tree, but I was hoping there was at least AC because Texas heat is NO JOKE and who likes bugs where you’re sleeping? No one.

When preparing for this trip, I thought it’d be similar to my stay at the Getaway House cabin. Boy, was I wrong. It was NOTHING like it. I’ve been camping in a tent and glamping in cabins a few times but this was definitely closer to a camping experience. We arrived there extremely late on our first night and pretty much missed out on our whole first day because of prior obligations. We arrived even later than we anticipated because most of the drive there was a small two lane road with no street lights. So, if you’re planning on staying here and want to get the most out of your experience I’d recommend leaving early and getting there in time for check in between 4 and 6 p.m. But if you need to arrive late, they do provide you with check-in instructions.

D27AFEB3-76AD-4C54-AD49-FCD5B41E7E08When we finally arrived it was almost two in the morning. There were string lights that led all the way up to the treehouse, which was pretty just like the pictures. To get to the treehouse you have to walk on a skinny wooden plank and it does shake. I lost my balance a number of times, but I got a good laugh out of it. Once you get inside the treehouse does slightly shake as well from the wooden plank you were just walking on. It does also occasionally shake with the wind. There was a small balcony that had a table and chairs. Once you walk in, there is a room in the treehouse with a bed, table with water and other small essentials, two night stands, robes, a small mirror and THANKFULLY THERE WAS AN AC UNIT. 0D53E582-BD06-4EBF-ABCD-0B0E9FDCDA8E

I say this was close to a camping experience because there was no bathroom inside of the treehouse. The bathroom was a little bit of a walk away from the treehouse, so I definitely recommend showering and using the bathroom before it gets too dark. If you do need to use the bathroom after dark I suggest using a flashlight just in case. The treehouse also had lights that dimmed which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be in the middle of the woods in a dark treehouse. They also had a switch where you could turn off the string lights that led up to the treehouse. On the bed was a binder that included all the things to do in the area from wineries to natural springs to dining. This treehouse was in a great location! There were some things to do locally but Beecave, Austin, New Braunsfel, Texas wine country, and San Antonio all weren’t too far away.

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The bathroom experience was quite an interesting one. The shower was nice and something people would often want in their own home however there were a TON OF SPIDERS. Eeeeeeeek. That’s the outdoors for you, right? Make sure to bring slides to wear in the shower, I would not recommend showering barefoot. The toilet room also had minimal lighting just like the shower. The sinks were outside of the shower and toilet rooms and had a mirror which is good for doing make-up and getting ready in because the mirror in the treehouse was extremely small.

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Here’s a list of things I suggest you bring with you:

  1. Sheets and blankets. During this time I am extra cautious about bringing my own sheets. Not to mention the treehouse does have bugs so to avoid any bugs that may have already been thee I’d suggest bringing your own. The bugs are normal outdoor bugs such as flies, mosquitos, etc. NOT BED BUGS.
  2. Towel(s). Again, now that we’re traveling much more careful I always recommend bringing your own towels. But, they do have robes and towels there for you if you don’t bring your own.
  3. Soap, toothpaste and other toiletries. I always bring my own soap with me wherever I go! But, remember the showers are outside while they do have soap I’d definitely recommend bring your own! There is no toothpaste so make sure you don’t forget that!
  4. Slippers/ Slides to shower with. As I mentioned the shower and toilets are outside! I definitely recommend bringing slides that you do not mind getting wet.
  5. Your bathing suit. They do have a pool and there are natural springs near by. I did not swim because I did a ton of other activities locally but they did have a pool and I got to sit by it for a little bit.
  6. Water. They did have water but it is room temperature so if you don’t prefer that consider bringing your own water bottles and a cooler.
  7. Food & snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated. (Or again, bring a cooler) They do have picnic tables and a grill. This is good especially if you don’t plan on dining out.
  8. Laptop or tablet for watching TV — but take it with you when you leave to do any activities. They do not have a key for the treehouse but only guests are allowed beyond the gate. You can lock it when you’re in it but not when you leave. Weird, I know.
  9. A bluetooth speaker — I didn’t use one for the treehouse but if you’d like to play music consider bringing one!
  10. BUG SPRAY! I probably said “I think something bit me” about 30 times during my stay. The bugs were no joke out there. You can probably imagine how many mosquito bites I have now. I bought a can of off spray from Walmart in a travel size. DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY BRING BUG SPRAY. YOU’LL NEED IT.
  11. Don’t forget your masks, Lysol, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes!

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Most importantly, bring an open mind! As I mentioned the canopy tours were closed so there was no zip lining and other activities. And they do not allow drinking! So I’d suggest coming with an open mind and anything else that you can bring to make this a fun relaxing experience! After all, it is what you make it.

Safe Travels,



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