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Blog Collaborations

Are you a fellow blogger and looking to collaborate on blog posts? I am available to do guest blogging and features for your website. I am also available to collaborate for blogs on my site, if we collaborate on blog posts on my site your site/ social media outlet will also be promoted.

Reviews and write ups 

Do you have a business you’re starting up or wanting to promote? I am available to test products and services. I am open to trying any of the following: attending events, trying food, natural hair products, and a variety of travel related products or services as long as they align with my brand and beliefs. Once I have tried your product or service I can do an honest review or write up about my experience on my website or Instagram page. I can also leave reviews on a number of outlets including Yelp and Google.

Promote upcoming events

If you have an upcoming event that you would like promoted in DFW or New York City I can promote your upcoming event in my “upcoming events” tab. This would include posting your flyer, a description of your event, and the link to purchase your ticket.

This is option is limited to Frisco, Plano, North Dallas, Dallas, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Event Host

I am available to collaborate with other creatives in order to create an amazing guest experience at an event you may be looking to have. I can host Sunday networking brunches, meet ups, happy hours for creatives and/or bloggers. I am also available to help find great gift bag ideas, giveaways, and games for your event.