Holiday Gift Guides

Hey friends, 

It’s finallllllly holiday season and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been waiting for the holidays since the year started because this will be my first holiday in my new home! This year I’ve decided to create a small affordable gift guide based on things I’ve found useful lately. So I hope you use this as inspo during your holiday shopping! 

Of course we have to start with a few gifts for travel bloggers first. Keep in mind these are just a few small things I use when traveling or blogging.

Tripod — Consider gifting a tripod. Tripods are very useful for travelers trying to take their own pictures and videos while on vacation, especially for content creation. 

Mini ring light — A mini ring light was one of the first blogger gifts I received and I found it especially useful when trying to get great pictures in places with dim lighting! It’s a very compact and portable gift! 

Content planner — Along with the gift of a mini ring light I received a content planner. This gift really helped me figure out where I needed to go with my blog and how to get there! This is a great gift for any new bloggers no matter what type of blog they have.

Travel laundry bags — This one is a good stocking stuffer. Very inexpensive and great for traveling. It doesn’t take up much space to pack and helps you designate a place for your clothes that need to be washed on your trip. 

iPad stand and wireless keyboard — This is a great gift for someone who is just getting started in blogging but doesn’t have a computer or laptop yet. My laptop broke and I was able to improvise using an iPad by buying these accessories so I could type on it at a desk as if it’s a laptop. It also makes it easy for you to work from your bed, couch, or desk. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of home decor on my timeline so I’ll also share some home gifts for anyone who may be interested! Let’s start with the kitchen. 

Wine glasses from World Market — Omg, this one is a MUST. I recently went to World Market to start looking around for holiday decor and I came across these wine “glasses” on clearance. There was only one but I was so in love that I bought it even though I typically like to buy glasses in sets. These wine “glasses” are plastic but GREAT quality and you can barely tell they aren’t glass, makes for less accidents. I literally drink everything out of it because I love it so much! 

An air fryer  — I received an air fryer as a housewarming gift and obsessed is probably an understatement. To me an air fryer is an adult version of an easy bake oven you can make almost anything in it (except quesadillas lol I learned the hard way.) The air fryer I have was definitely pricey but you can buy a smaller one and keep it on your counter for easy use.

Waffle maker — This is my other kitchen must have. I never made Belgian waffles in my life before moving but I would order them when I would go out to brunch from time to time so I always wanted a waffle maker. I bought one from Walmart for less than $20 and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth! Such an easy breakfast that you can make seem fancy. I’m all about creating a great brunch experience and homemade waffles definitely add to that. 

Mini bullet — The perfect gift for someone who is trying to be healthy without spending money on purchasing smoothies outside. Mini bullets are about $20 and make a quick and good smoothie and you can choose between different sizes.

Mugs — Lately, all I want to drink is hot chocolate and magnolia mugs from Target give me exactly the vibe I’m going for. Consider gifting a set of matching mugs for the tea and hot chocolate lovers. 

A countertop griddle — They are currently on sale at Kroger for $14.99! This is great for making breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a group of people because you can cook multiple items at a time. It really cuts down cooking time.

Making our way to the living room 

A Record Player — Online this record player is on sale for as low as $50 but in store it’s $30 while supplies last! I was able to grab mine in store for $30 so I definitely recommend checking it out if you can, if not $50 is still a reduced price compared to what it usually is.

A Candle kit — For the candle lovers a candle kit can be helpful for trimming the wick and for putting out candles. 

A match set — You can get cute matches on Amazon to create a good aesthetic to go with your candle kit. 

Candles — I mean if you’re going to get the matches and the simmer kit, might as well go all out and get the candles as well. I love a good candle. (I won’t link because you can’t smell candles online)

Diffuser(s)— If you’re not interested in gifting candles, consider diffusers. There’s many different kinds and scents. You can get oil diffuser or get even fancier. (Also won’t link because there are different scents)

Coasters — I didn’t realize part of adulting was needing coasters until my new marble table kept getting water stains on it from glasses. Coasters are very inexpensive and definitely a NEED.

Lastly, the bedroom and bathroom 

A necklace holder — For the jewelry lovers a necklace holder is a great gift. I had quite a few necklaces that didn’t have a place to live without looking messy so I bought a necklace holder for less than $10. I love it and it keeps my necklaces organized when they aren’t in use. 

Tiered tray — (I couldn’t locate online) but Target has tiered trays in their dollar section for only $5! Perfect for making the bathroom feel like a spa.  So if you can find it, grab it!

Shower Eucalyptus — I’ve recently been seeing shower Eucalyptus everywhere so I wanted to give it a try and I love it. It has my bathroom smelling just like a spa even long after I’ve taken a shower.

Room Spray — I love room spray especially for after cleaning or making your bed in the morning, some have essential oils and it’s great for spraying your sheets with.

Happy shopping, 


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