26 birthday things to do while social distancing

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog! What better time to get back to blogging than now, right? I’ve seen a lot of people posting about how their birthdays are canceled due to this pandemic. But, truth is it doesn’t have to be! Now is a great time to find fun in doing the little things! As you probably already know I typically travel every year for my birthday. I previously decided that this year I just wanted to stay local for my birthday. Once I realized minimal places were opened I decided to challenge myself to do 26 fun and fulfilling things for my 26th birthday, while on a budget of course.

Keep in mind I did these things on different days up until my birthday and all while social distancing from the general public. I completed all these activities with the person I’ve been quarantined with or alone. All things needed to complete this list can be purchased while buying essentials or ordered online. Hopefully this will spark some creative ideas for anyone who has to have a social distancing birthday as well!

The fulfilling part:

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1. Write a letter to your future self — I often write letters to my future self. Whether I’m extremely happy or extremely sad, it’s a good way to time stamp my experience and see how far I’ve come in the future. I have a book of envelopes of things “I promise myself” or “things I never want to forget” that was gifted to me a few years ago and I still use it to this day. What better time to write yourself a letter about how you’re currently feeling than your birthday?

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2. Write a gratitude list — I try to write daily gratitude lists that way I find something to be grateful for every day, even if it’s something small. This is a GREAT time to write down a list of 10 or more things you are grateful for even in your current circumstance. Making it to see another year is a great one for starters.

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3. Volunteer your time virtually — Obviously, now is not the time to volunteer physically, but there are still ways to volunteer online. I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes write letters to people around the world suffering from depression or mental health through a company called Letters Against Depression. I decided to select a couple of people to write letters to (as I typically would) and mail them out on my birthday. No better way to feel fulfilled than to know you’re helping someone around the world even during this crazy time.

A8BEA710-8CE5-4CC2-B889-2CDB23A61FC14. Donate to a cause — Do some research and find a cause you’d like to donate to and do it, even if it’s a few dollars! A few dollars goes a long way. I’ve donated to Nybucketlist who is currently accepting donations to help feed health heroes during this time. You might be wondering “why donate in New York?” I donated in New York simply because some of my closest health heroes are working there right now.

5. Donate things you don’t need — I have bags and bags of things I need to donate. If you find a drop off consider decluttering and donate items you don’t need, someone else could really use it! If you can’t find a drop off, set the bags aside and be sure to donate when things get back to normal.

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6. Start a new book — Have a book you’ve been meaning to start? The great news is you have so much time, START IT! You’d be surprised how good that book you’ve been meaning to read is. If you don’t have any books, order one that’s been at the top of your list. E-books are a thing for a reason, get into it. And, if reading isn’t your thing try a new podcast.

This is where we get creative:

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset169D5B39-3D8E-424D-9FA8-6EB1C8F162707. Create a scrapbook or memory box — I’ve been wanting to make a shadow box for the longest of all my memories, kind of like a “been there, done that” type of box. I bought a shadow box months ago and finally put it to use, I decided to put my memories in it. In this box I’ve included things like fortunes I’ve gotten along the way, boarding passes (the few that actually made it home with me after my travels), concert tickets, and even movie tickets! Once it’s done it makes for great decor!

8. Have a virtual chat with your friends — Hop on a video chat with some of your closest friends! We did this for my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago. I cooked my breakfast and had mimosas right on the chat with everyone! Add some games or music if you want! You’d be surprised how long you can be entertained on a video chat with your friends, especially those whom you don’t talk to everyday! It’s safe to assume I’ve been on video chat with my friends all day.

9. Plant — If I’m being honest, I’ve never planted anything in my life. At least, not that I remember? But, I figured since I’m doing all these DIY projects it’ll be a fun time to get into planting! You can plant in back yard, front yard, patio, in your house, or even make plant bulbs.

C2858CED-4BC8-4E15-BA02-5FFC1791511810. Do a small arts and crafts project and/or a DIY project — I previously made a vision board so I decided to frame it. The vision board wasn’t big enough for the frame so I did some arts and crafts to put a black backdrop to make it match the vision board and frame. It looked so nice once I hung it on the wall. The number of DIY projects that can be done during this time are endless! I’ve indulged in so many DIY projects that there are probably too many to even list. My current DIY project is installing fake grass on my patio! Example: pick a room to re-decorate, make a collage wall, build something you ordered.

11. Make an idea jar — If you have an empty mason jar laying around consider making an idea jar of date night, girls night, or cheap weekend plans! This costs about $1 to make, your pockets and your future self will thank you when you have an abundance of weekend ideas right there waiting for you.

Let’s add some self-care:

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12. Have a good workout — I feel like my most productive days consists of working out! So I figured I’d incorporate a good work out on my birthday. This could be a good at home video work out, a run around the neighborhood, bike ride, or even a hike!

13. Meditate or learn to do yoga — Take some time to relax on your birthday! Meditate first thing in the morning to get your day started right or even Youtube how to do yoga for beginners! Both will be a relaxing and pleasant experience, hopefully. Meditation always starts my day off on a positive note.

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14. Have a spa day — Bring out the face masks, deep conditioners, and nail polishes! Everything is closed right now, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still have self care days! Have a day dedicated to taking care of yourself! Learn some cool new ways to do your nails while you’re at it! If you have some dip powders or gel polishes you don’t know how to use, now’s a good time to figure it out or order some!

Let’s have some birthday fun:

15. Make yourself a brunch and have a champagne toast — I don’t know about you guys, but brunch is my absolute favorite thing to eat and cook! I love love love love French toast, so you know that’s on the menu for me. Cook yourself your favorite brunch and make some mimosas while you’re at it!

7398AD93-AA62-4D92-96EC-BFAF7FD8D94116. Cook yourself a birthday dinner! — I mean, you have to eat anyways, right? Get the ingredients and cook yourself your favorite birthday meal in the house! Am I the only one who has done the MOST cooking ever during this quarantine?

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17. Have a social distancing picnic — Just because most things are closed doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have a picnic on your patio, in your backyard or on a lawn! Bring your favorite drink and your birthday meal!

274E0FBD-8F23-44E6-B519-ECAA9850EFC018. Camp out in your living room — Not all of us have tents to pop open in the middle of the living room but bring your blankets, string lights, pillows, and favorite snacks and binge watch some movies or your favorite series in the living room! (I will probably have watched every Netflix series by the end of this.)

D4C54EF9-55D7-4915-9918-82D67FF0565719. Have a game night — You can have a small game night with those you’re quarantined with. You can even add games to your living room camp out or picnic! I incorporated a game night with my picnic and had so much fun! We played what do you meme (even though you’re supposed to play with three or more players), jenga, connect four, and chubby bunny (yes, chubby bunny is what quarantine day 27472882 has come to.)

825BDB85-8FC5-4A23-A082-076EE9FC291620. Have a sip and paint — I’ve been painting my home for the last month and turning it into a real life sip and paint. If you don’t have an actual wall that you’d like to paint over you can order a canvas and a brush on Amazon for cheap! Grab your favorite wine, blast some music, find some inspiration and have yourself an at home sip and paint!

21. Have an in-house scavenger hunt — A lot of us are stuck in the house with a few people so get small pieces of scrap paper, write a short poem and send them on a scavenger hunt to find normal household items! *Add alcohol as needed*

C8D5055F-41BC-4822-89C9-C4C8EE6E4D8A22. Have a bonfire — If you are somewhere with a fire pit, bring out your s’mores kits and drinks and have a bonfire with the people you are quarantined with. If not, you can find a very inexpensive and small fire pits online and get it delivered right to your door.

23. Have a water balloon fight — Let’s all bring out our inner kid and buy some balloons, fill it with water, and have a water balloon fight. (At this point do I still need to mention make sure you do this with people you’re quarantined with?) I’m sure you guys all have someone in your house you want to throw a water balloon at.

4B327F6F-7DF3-4EEA-9101-59C1062FD11424. Do an in-house wine tasting — Get the ingredients to make a cheese board and stock up on different wines so you can have your own wine tasting at home!

25. Do an in-house DIY birthday photo shoot — At the end of the day, we’ve still made it to see another year! Get dolled up, blow up some balloons, and do a DIY birthday photo shoot.

7E09C2C0-C3BF-45C8-B9F3-CBC9DEEDABF526. Support a local business — We’ve all seen posts about how many businesses are suffering right now. If you are able, consider supporting a local business and buying yourself a cake or cupcakes and make your best birthday wishes. I ordered cupcakes from thecupcakeexperience1 and she did not disappoint!

Hopefully this is a birthday where we all remember to be thankful for the little things! STAY SAFE AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE CELEBRATING A BIRTHDAY during this difficult time. Leave a comment and let me know what you did to celebrate your birthday while in quarantine ! 

Talk to you soon birthday babes,



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