My First Solo Trip!

Hey friends,

I told you we’d talk soon-ish. Today’s blog post is one I left sitting in my drafts.. for almost a year.

As you can tell by the title, I took my first solo trip! If you’re following me on Instagram, you already knew this because the content already made it’s rounds. I didn’t go anywhere super far, but I did take a two-week trip to LA. I can’t even tell you the last time I took a two-week trip, but boy was it needed. Usually by the end of a trip I am dreaming of being home, but when this trip was over, I felt like I could’ve stayed a month. Two weeks simply did not feel long enough.

My plans to go to California for a month in 2021 didn’t work out, so I’m glad I made it this time around and I’m glad I made it a solo trip. 

Last year was a transitional space in my twenties where I no longer had the same friends to travel with because life was moving along. School, kids, work.. you know how it goes. I didn’t want to spend time waiting for people to be available to travel with me to actually take the trip or have the experience. If you have the means and the flexibility to travel to the places you want to go, do it. Alone. You might even like it better. 

I came back from my trip feeling like I could do anything! A little dramatic for a trip to LA, but that’s really how I felt. I’m thinking I might make this an annual thing, that’s how much I loved it. Spoiler alert, I’m already planning my next one. There’s something so refreshing about taking a trip and moving on your own time. Not having to consider where everyone wants to eat, what activities everyone wants to do, how long it’ll take everyone to get dressed. You know, all the things that usually go into taking a group trip. There were days when I biked on the beach for hours after brunch or took a book to a rooftop and just enjoyed the views, while strangers came up to me to talk about the book I was reading. Things like that don’t usually happen when you’re traveling with other people.

Of course, I come bearing gifts in the form of a list of things I tried in hopes that you might try and like them too. (Keep in mind this list is almost a year old so forgive me if anything is outdated). I also have an exciting giveaway for you at the end!


Noma – a quaint little sushi spot

Catch – who doesn’t like their sushi lit on fire? All jokes aside, it was pricey but I’m glad I tried it at least once. I love a nice upscale dining experience every once in a while.

Elephante – I went twice for brunch and dinner. Both meals were *chef’s kiss* and I ordered multiple things both times. This was my favorite place for a solo meal. I brought a good book and multiple women came up to me to talk about it. Someone even anonymously paid for my dinner. When I went back for brunch, the table next to me talked to me the whole time and even offered to share their food because we got different things. It truly felt like we went to brunch together. Oh and I almost forgot.. the view was beaaaaautiful.

Wally’s – One word. Wine.

Fia – $59 brunch and bottomless mimosas, margaritas, or non-alcoholic drinks. Need I say more?

Hotel Proper – Rooftop for drinks and downstairs for dinner immediately after. The rooftop is the star of the show, but downstairs is so beautiful especially for a solo dinner.

The Grove – farmers market, anyone? I made the mistake of eating before I got there, but endless amounts of food.


The NOW – you will leave feeling like you need a massage membership. 

Rooftop Cinema Club — how cute is a roof top movie as a solo date? annnnnd, you can bring your own food. Don’t forget to pack a jacket.

Black market flea – Black businesses, black creatives, and a DJ. Perfect after brunch activity.

Catalina island – Take Dramamine, pack light, and maybe get a day pass for the spa. Book in advance for the beach club. The chairs are sold by the pair and they won’t accomodate you even if you’re just one person.

If you’ve made it to the end, I have a giveaway for one of you! * Drum roll please * A round-trip ferry ride to Catalina! This is a voucher that has an expiration date of 6/30 and is from San Pedro. This is valued at $80.50. Feel free to enter if you live in the surrounding areas or plan to visit before 6/30!

To enter, do any of the three items listed below:

  1. Follow me on Instagram and comment on my latest post where you’d like to go on a solo trip.
  2. Follow me on Tik Tok (asjj.j) and comment on my latest post where you’d like to go on a solo trip.
  3. Like and comment on this Blog post

I will announce the winner on my Instagram story on April 5! I will reach out to the winner directly.

We’ll talk after my next trip,

The Knowledgeable Other

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  1. Cynthia says:

    This LA trip looks like a dream! I did a solo trip to LA in 2021 and I loved every minute of it! I love solo traveling cause I am free to do what I want when I want!


    1. I love that you have that flexibility! My trip was better than I could’ve ever imagined.


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