The Bay Area

Hellooooo, is anybody here?

It’s embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve made a blog post. Seriously, has it been years now?

I moved from New York to Dallas 10 years ago. 10 years?!?!?

I hate that I can even say it’s been that long. Truth be told, Dallas never really resonated with me. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely quality of life here. But, the more I travel the less I enjoy flying and it’s made me want to move somewhere that I don”t feel the need to vacation from as much.

This year I plan to travel more intentionally and scope out some places that I may want to move to in the future.

Painted Ladies – Photo taken by Asia J.

The first stop on my list was the Bay Area. Kind of random, I know. I had never been to the Bay Area. But I had it in my mind that there was a pocket of California with my name on it and the Bay Area might be it. I loved the idea of seasons, beaches, and simply being outdoors. In Dallas most activities revolve around drinking, eating, or shopping. Trust me, I’ve been here long enough to confidently formulate that opinion. Plus, the idea that you can be on the beach, in the desert, and skiing within just a few hours is a major selling point. Let’s not talk about the cost of living. I knoooow, it’s expensive.

I’m back from my trip and I’m still unsure if that’s the place for me (my pro/ con list was tied) but I went with an itinerary and I wanted to share it with you! I didn’t get through it all but these are all things I personally wanted to do.

Prepare for the laundry list of activities I had listed for my friends and I.

This list was made with early days, picnics, good eats, hikes, sunsets, and black events in mind. This list is mostly of things in San Francisco but I did make it to Oakland twice for open houses. Window shopping for homes is kind of a good time. You should try it.

I left a few of my side notes in the list. I made them for my friends who I knew might not fully read the itinerary (and they didn’t LOL)

Four Chairs – Photo taken by Asia J.


Hilda and Jesse

STK Weekend Brunch

Four Chairs

The vault garden

Other brunch spots linked here.


Palette Tea House (colorful dimsum)

China Live (nice looking market)

List of more dim sum here.


Charmaines (rooftop fire pits but small menu)

Penny Roma

Bottega Valencia

Dumpling home

Square Pie Guys (calm dinner)

Farmhouse Thai


Baker Beach (view of the Golden Gate Bridge)
Black Sands Beach (36 minutes away)
Marshall’s beach (Golden Gate Bridge also?)
Gray Whale Cove State Beach (37 minutes / hiking trails)


Dolores Park
Grandview Park (good views)
Bernal Heights Park


Mori point, pacifica CA
Mount tam


Bernal Heights Parks (city view)
Bakers Beach to Marshalls Beach
Lands End (coastal view)


Wasteland (designer thrift)
Buffalo Exchange
Crossroads trading


Story of Ramen – Ramen making class $70

Foreign Cinema (dinner + movie)


These events have passed but I wanted share incase they’re in the area again when you visit.

Afro futurism OMCA (until Feb 27) $19

The New Black Vanguard $12

Black Joy Parade Oakland (February 26) Free

One thing I can say about the Bay Area (from my research and short few days there) is that there were an endless amount of things to do. We did everything from museums, to the beach, to learning how to make ramen, to a hip hop brunch.

Click here for a map of the activities.

Drop a comment if you’ve tried any of these and let me know how you liked it!

I promise you won’t have to wait another year for a new blog post.

Talk soon-ish,

The Knowledgeable Other

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