Local Things To Do (Hidden Gems Part II)

Can you believe it’s August already?! TIME IS FLYING. While you still have some time left to enjoy the summer I wanted to share a part II of fun things to do in Dallas! I’ve done A LOT of exploring and (way too much) eating since I last updated you guys, so here’s what I’ve found!

BRUNCH — Because Sunday Funday is ALWAYS a great idea (for the most part.)

BARNEYS BRUNCH HOUSE Processed with VSCO with c6 presetPrice range $20-$25 | 5840 FM 423 SUITE 700 FRISCO TX 75034 | (214) 494-6363

A client of mine recommended this place. After my last terrible brunch experience I told myself I was taking a brief intermission from brunch. But, last weekend I was SO hungry and didn’t feel like cooking so brunch it was. AND THIS PLACE DID NOT DISAPPOINT. All I kept thinking while I was eating was “top five, top five, top five.” *Drake Reference* When we walked in it was so packed, I was sure the wait was going to be foooorever. They told us a twenty-five minute wait but it wasn’t even that long *shout out to the people in front of us who never showed up.* We were in and out within less than forty-five minutes! Usually I like to take my time at brunch, have a couple of mimosas and some good conversation. But, this time I had quite a few errands to run and the timing was perfect! The server came to us promptly and had everything we needed before we even had to ask. One thing I noticed and loved about Barney’s Brunch House was that they were PACKED and not one server seemed flustered. Everyone was so calm and collected.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I ordered a meal that came with waffles, eggs of your choice, and sausage or bacon. The menu said “no substitutions.” Because I don’t eat meat of course I had to be that person and ask if I could substitute anyways. Our server was nice enough to give me hash browns instead of sausage or bacon. The mimosa came out with champagne and A SPLASH of orange juice *emphasis on the splash.* It’s disappointing when I go places and they give you so much juice and a little bit of champagne. And while mimosas are a very simple concept I’ve been to quite a few places that can’t seem to get it right.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

It felt like we barely had to wait for our food. I usually order french toast when I go brunching, but I decided to go for the Belgian waffle. This had to be the softest Belgian waffle I’ve ever had with powdered sugar on top. I was so amazed at how much food they gave us and how much flavor my food had, down to the eggs! The hash browns and eggs were plentiful and filled with flavor.

And when we got our bill it was only $40. We got so much food, coffee, orange juice, and my mimosa for $20 each pretty much. This place really impressed me.

I’ll be back just to make my way through their menu.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetPrice range from $25-$30 | 3701 Dallas Parkway Plano, TX 75093 | (469)620-8463

My co-worker recommended this place to me (clearly I live for good recommendations) and I’ve passed it a million times and honestly always went next door to brunch. But, she had me sold when she said they give $20 bottles of champagne and they have a mimosa bar that way you can garnish your own drinks! I hadn’t been to a brunch that offered a whole bottle for such a great price. As a matter of fact, I’ve been to brunches that strictly ONLY let you get mimosas with orange juice in it. So, having all these juice and fruit options were great! I had no plans of eating when I first went there.

I had just worked out and had a smoothie, so I was only planning on going for the drinks. When I started looking through the menu it looked TOO good to not try it especially because I was already there. I ordered Rigatoni, a great Vegan option and all I can say is OH MY GOD. I was so impressed, the vegan sausage was perfect. It tasted so real I had to keep checking the menu to make sure it was actually vegan. The day we went to Sixty Vines there would be a tornado warning *move to Texas they said, it’ll be fun they said.* We couldn’t really leave even if we wanted so I ordered dessert. I NEVER ORDER DESSERT. And I’m happy I did because it was the BEST THING EVER. I’ve been there about three or four times since…that should tell you something.2A0358B4-B4E3-444D-B94C-3D3E887AE0E4

PS. the mimosa bar really had so many juices.. I even had a cucumber water mimosa — it felt healthy, that’s all I can say.


Processed with VSCO with c5 presetPrice range $20-$25 | 3401 Preston Road Frisco TX 75034 | (214)618-9440

There’s so many options for mimosas from bottomless to mimosa towers, but this has been one of the best mimosa deals I’ve found. They have different flavor mimosas for only $2! TWO DOLLARS?!?!?!?! I know, crazy and they are actually strong. Nothing’s worse than going to brunch and getting mostly juice in your over-priced mimosa.

Their great mimosa deal shocked me, but their food is actually reaaaally good, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ll randomly find myself ordering from here just to get their corn or a side of fries! Even their salads are good here. So try anything on their menu, I’m sure you’ll love it.


Processed with VSCO with kp4 presetPrice range $15-$20 | 6501 Hillcrest Avenue Dallas, TX 75205 | (469)498-5974

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t go here strictly based off of the Instagram pictures. I was so excited to order off of their menu because it seemed to have such cool options. But when our food came I was so disappointed at how SMALL the portions where. I got french toast and it was a decent-ish size.. I guess? But, I asked for a side of egg(s) and they gave me ONE EGG. UH? okay, I guess. I also asked for it scrambled with cheese and they gave me cheese on the side. LOL. Needless to say, my expectations were very low for this meal. And our drinks were in a cup filled than less than halfway. At this point, I was like what did I just pay for? My friend and I were just in shock that we had even spent money here, but then we started eating and the funniest thing was that we were full before we even finished our food that seemed so small when we first got it. And come to find out less than half a cup of mimosa was all we really needed. The french toast was actually made out of biscuit and was put in french toast batter which was actually veeeeery filling. So, try it and get some cute pictures while you’re at it.


Processed with VSCO with g6 presetPrice range $15-$25 | 8041 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas TX 75231 | (972)639-5164

This place had the calmest brunch / lunch vibes ever. Bella Green is perfect for a lunch date. They have a patio that has the most vibrant flowers surrounding some of their tables and they have some tables with umbrellas so you can get a little shade. We wanted to sit outside for the flowers, but it was entirely too hot outside to eat our whole meal out there so we were able to switch seats with no problem. They have a few cute things to take pictures of and a little stage area where you can take pictures in front of butterfly wings (as you can see in the picture above.) They also have great brunch and regular meal options and it’s for a great cause! Not to mention their service was impeccable.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset



Processed with VSCO with al6 preset

The Statler is a hotel with quite a few things to do. I’ve been to the Statler on multiple occasions and all have been a pretty good time. They have two restaurants on the first floor that serve breakfast. One I haven’t been to, but I do want to try soon. And one called Scout, which is a restaurant that serves brunch buffet style and they offer pitchers of mimosas, YAY. They also have a whole bowling alley in there! I’ve never seen an actual restaurant with a bowling alley! Upstairs is the WaterProof Dallas with is a bar/ rooftop pool with a BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF DALLAS. AND IT’S FREE TO GET IN!

LOWER GREENVILLE6163BFD8-6E46-422B-8D62-F6290A48BCF8As long as I’ve been in Dallas you would think that I would’ve known about lower Greenville sooner! Any time I wanted to explore I’d head to uptown or Deep Ellum which are both cool but Lower Greenville has the same type of places but with a much calmer vibe! There’s way less traffic than Uptown and Deep Ellum. They have a few bars, restaurants, and rooftops! The Alamo was the first place that I tried and they had great drink deals that we found on Instagram! Directly across the street is HQ which is a restaurant downstairs, a nice seating area out back, and a rooftop upstairs where you can overlook Lower Greenville. And another great thing about Lower Greenville is that they have a Trader Joes! I can’t be the only one who loves Trader Joes! I’ve only seen two Trader Joes around here and the other one is far and there’s not much around there. So, whenever I take the drive it’s strictly for that. So it’s nice to be able to go eat or drink and be able to buy what I need too. They are strict on parking at Trader Joes though, so don’t even try it. They have security there on the weekends to monitor it.8C95F907-1A76-4F07-959B-AD3E106960F9

THE LAZYDOGProcessed with VSCO with e3 presetPrice range $15-$25 | 8401 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75024 | (469)609-1570

Okay, so this one is so different than any other restaurant I’ve been to. It’s the coolest concept. You can bring your dogs to eat here! They even have a whole menu for dogs and they get complimentary water when you get there. When I went there we took my friends dog and he got a plate of chicken, rice and vegetables. There are rules for the dog, but how cool is that? You can wine and dine with your dog. They also have great drinks and their mac and cheese is so good. The only downside is, when it’s windy you can expect dog hairs to be flying around and the dogs are only allowed on the patio.

Processed with VSCO with kg1 preset

THE BOTTLED BLONDEProcessed with VSCO with e3 preset

This place was my FAVE rooftop in Dallas. I’m the biggest kid at heart so this place had everything I was looking for. I’ve been here before years ago but never went on the roof because they have an indoor area downstairs. Their rooftop had the BEST view of the Dallas skyline. They had a full bar upstairs and so many games. They had life-sized beer pong, a giant connect four, basketball, and jenga on almost every table just to name a few. The tables also seemed to be first come first served until the night time when they start selling tables.

BACK YARD49483005-7186-4D34-BB09-6FD0F489B872

This place is directly in back of The Bottled Blonde and it was a very similar concept, just indoors. It was basically a big arcade bar with picnic tables. They had many similar games from upstairs just normal sized beer pong, foosball, and so many more games. I’ve been here twice and I loved it. The only thing I will say is they get SUPER packed on the weekends, so you might find yourself playing connect four in a tiny corner like we did. So, get there early or go on a week day so you can actually enjoy the atmosphere and get to play all the games.

TRINITY GROVES40D55ACF-2CE3-47DD-8952-D6829F3B2C5DI’ve only been to Trinity Groves once but it was a nice place to go for lunch/ dinner. We went to Beto & Sons which had outdoor seating and SUPER COOL DRINKS. The lighting is awkwardly red out there for some reason, so it’s not great for picture taking. Their drinks were veeeery expensive mostly for the looks, because I don’t know that I’d get it again. But, it was a nice experience. The food was DELICIOUS.

I hope you guys get to explore some of these places before the summers over. And don’t forget to stay hydrated my friends, it’s hot out there.

Talk to you soon,



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