ezy watermark_11-05-2019_10-29-40pmI had no actual plans of writing a blog tonight, but so many people asked me where I was in my story earlier so I figured I’d break down the details for you guys so that you don’t miss it when it comes to your city! So, today I went to The Big Bounce America and it was SO fun to say the least. It was so much better than I expected. I saw it sponsored on Instagram, which you guys might’ve seen too and maybe just over looked it. I’m a clearly a child and never give up an opportunity to do fun things like this (as you can probably tell by my recommendation of Ninja Nation in my Dallas post.) So, the breakdown is below.


The Big Bounce House America is currently on tour for 2019. It is limited time, that’s why I felt I should write this post immediately so you guys don’t miss it when it comes to your city! If you’re in Dallas, I’m sorry tomorrow’s the last day and it happens to be Mother’s day. They will be in Brooklyn for two weekends one in July and one in August, Boston the first weekend of July, Las Vegas two weekends in October, and in Houston two weekends in November just to highlight a few places where I know people live who asked me! The rest of the tour dates can be found on their website It is kid friendly and there are different time slots for the children earlier in the day and it ranges by age group. There is also an adults only part of the park, which is what I went to!


The biggest question you have is probably what the price is, the adult tickets were 30.52 after tax. The adult tickets accommodate for ages 16 & older. The toddler session is $16 which is 3 & younger , the junior session is $24 which is 7 & younger, and the bigger kid session is also $24 which is 15 & older (all before tax.) The parking was $10 and a ten minute walk to the bounce house. They only accept cash for parking, they did have an ATM available but save yourself the $3 transaction fee at the ATM by being prepared and carrying cash on you. It probably sounds like a lot for a bounce house but it was VERY VERY VERY VERY worth it. They give you a three hour time slot to go through the obstacles and also have a specific time slot for you to do the Worlds Biggest Bounce house. Our overall time slot was from 6pm-9pm but the timed part began at 7:05. It is not important if you get there on time (of course we didn’t because I’m pretty much late to everything) but definitely get there on time for your timed portion because you don’t want to miss it. It was SO fun! There was foam and confetti! There was even a DJ in the middle of the bounce house which I was not at all expecting. They played good music, which I guess is relative depending on who’s listening but to me it was good! They played pretty much the music you’d hear in the club or on the radio right now.

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset


It seems the party still goes on even if it rains. It rained here all day and I was worried because it was an outdoor event but it still started on time. Bring two pairs of socks because your socks will be DISGUSTING at the end of it. Because of the rain our socks were soaked. You are not allowed in the bounce house with your shoes and where you start is not where you exit so you will be walking outside in your socks. There’s nothing worse than driving home with soaking wet socks on your feet. With that being said, DO NOT WEAR GOOD SHOES! It’s safe to say my shoes are pretty much done at this point. Good thing I wore my gym sneakers. It was pretty cold here so I dressed for the weather which was fine, BUT you will be sweating A LOT. I definitely recommend bringing water and maybe some Advil. My friend and I left with a pounding headache (which I still have as I’m writing this) because we jumped so much. We ate and drank before going to the bounce house (we knew it was a terrible idea before doing it, but that didn’t stop us because we were hungry.) I would just say don’t eat or drink too much, you will probably throw up. I also definitely recommend wearing your hair up, you get very hot very quickly. The obstacles are so long at some point you WILL be fed up, but you can always stop and take a break! Lastly, if you think you’re going to make it to your plans afterwards, don’t even play yourself! All you’ll want to do is go home, take a cold shower and go to bed.

DISCLAIMER: Do not do the most. I saw a girl do a back flip and run out gushing blood. BE CAREFUL.

Like I said before, I had such a great time I wanted to share it with you guys so you don’t miss it when it comes to your city! If you have any other questions feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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