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My previous posts have been about great flight deals and activity prices. But, when I really sat down and thought about it.. how are you supposed to do all these cool things if you don’t have saving habits put in place? So, I figured I’d give you guys a few tips on a few ways to save up for your trips too. I’d like to put a disclaimer out there that this is in no way plans for long-term savings, just a few tips to save up to your short-term goals.

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Head to the dollar store and buy yourself a glass sand bottle. It comes with a cork that way you can put the money in then seal it.. but you can’t take the money out until you break it. It’s sort of an adult piggy bank. If you don’t have a local dollar store near you, use any glass bottle it all works the same. The first bottle I ever saved in was an empty wine bottle, so improvise if necessary. This is a good trick if you consider yourself a “bad saver.” I started saving in a glass bottle a few years back as a way of short-term saving. This is not at all a plan for long term savings because obviously you’re not earning any interest on money sitting in a bottle. I like to save loose dollars in a glass bottle and set a date I plan to open it. The reason I feel this works so well is because you can’t get the money unless you break the bottle. This makes it less likely to spend and easier for you to actually save up to your short-term goal. Since it’s glass you can also write your short-term goals on the bottle if you need a little bit of motivation to keep saving.


When people used to tell me to budget my money, I’d be like BUDGET? WHAT’S THAT?! It wasn’t until I really disciplined myself that I realized budgeting is actually really a good thing so you’re not just overspending on unnecessary things. I know there’s a lot of you who wonder at the end of a fun weekend where all your money went, so stop wasting your hard earned money and set a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly budget depending on your pay period. There’s different ways to budget, but for me budgeting is accounting for all bills including gas, tolls, and memberships then budgeting what I have extra to spend on clothes, activities, and eating out. (Yes, that includes nails and lashes ladies!) If you spend out of your budget one week, be disciplined enough to take it out of next weeks budget and don’t make a habit out of it!


I know we all love when that direct deposit hits! Something I found VERY helpful is splitting your direct deposit. When you have all your pay, bills, and spending going in and out of one account it makes it a lot harder to keep track of your spending. Having multiple accounts for bills, your budget, and savings can help you better manage your money.


I know a lot of people think Credit cards can put you in debt, but honestly if used the right way they can help you earn money and points! So, first make sure before you swipe your card on something that you actually have the funds to cover it! A lot of people use cash rewards credit cards to make ALL purchases in order to maximize their cash and pay it off immediately. Travel rewards credit cards work the same way, use it to make purchases, skip the foreign transaction fees, and you can use the points to book future trips! You’d be surprised how many rewards you can earn in one year.


We all have our vices and shopping happens to be mine. But, all of your favorite stores have coupons and promo codes available most times, so use them! They are there for a reason! People might call you frugal, but it’s smart in my book! There’s also sites like Ebates that help you get a percentage back of what you bought on online purchases and Dosh where you can attach your card and earn money on in-store purchases. When you invite people with your codes you also get bonuses, this one is seriously free money might as well use it to your advantage!


I can’t stress this one enough. There are plenty of things we pay other people to do that we could learn to do ourselves! I mean, how do you think they started doing it in the first place? They learned too! Things like hair, nails, and waxes can add up! Don’t get me wrong, somethings are worth spending money on but little things you can learn to do yourself! I promise you it costs way less to buy the products to do your own protective styles than it does to pay someone else to do it and you can do it on your own time! If you hate regular manicures and pedicures because they don’t last as long buy your own dryer and polishes and do it yourself. And, a wax kit is way cheaper than paying to get a wax, trust me!


I know some people will sell old clothes to local thrift stores and you get close to nothing on your own clothes that you spent a fortune for. Sell your clothes online. Apps like Poshmark make it easy and cheap for you to sell your gently worn clothes! You can even sell new clothes on there that maybe don’t fit or you don’t plan to wear and you can set your own prices and decline any offers you don’t like!

Hope this helped you guys save for your next trip or short-term goal, whatever it may be.

Talk to you soon,








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