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If you’re looking for a little feel of Morocco in the Dallas Forth Worth area, the Maroc Hamam Spa is a must! Sorry guys, no boys allowed. Writing my blog about Morocco brought me a little bit of nostalgia so I wanted to experience some of the culture again. One of my favorite experiences in Morocco was the hamam and I hadn’t been able to find anything like this at the local spas until now.

My mom’s birthday was coming up and I was at a loss for things to take her to do that we hadn’t already experienced. That’s when I came across the Maroc Hamam Spa. I booked my mom a hamam and a choice of a facial or massage. For those who don’t know what a hamam is, it’s basically a public bath in a steam room where someone scrubs all the dirt off of you until you’re clean. It’s really popular in Morocco. It was such a good deal that I went back and booked myself a facial. I was so excited for my mom to get to experience the Hamam.  When we got there the location was in a nice area in the middle of Frisco. The staff had us fill out some paperwork about our medical history then let us into the changing room to change our clothes so we could get ready for our services. We got a locker where we got to pick a four digit code, so no need to panic your valuables are safe. They asked me if I wanted to do my facial for the first hour or the second hour of my mom’s hamam and massage. I didn’t even know my facial would be an hour! It was my first time getting one so I figured it’d be thirty to forty-five minutes the most.

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When I went in the room to get my facial everything was beautiful from the lighting to the music and even down to the linen on the bed! The lady who was doing my facial had me wash my hands and put lotion on them in three parts. She then had me dip my hands in wax. I had also never done that before, but apparently it’s very common. She then put my hands in bags and put them in hand warmers. The lady who was doing my facial was so interactive asking me about my water consumption and what kind of facial routine I do on a daily basis. She also put a light over my face to see if I had any imperfections that weren’t visible to the naked eye. She had a steamer going at one point of the facial to open up my pours. She even massaged my neck and upper back. I was definitely not expecting that as part of my facial but it was definitely appreciated. When we were done she wiped the wax off my hands and massaged my hands too. As if this facial hadn’t already exceeded my expectations. She told me I could lay down for a little while longer after the facial was done and let me know that she would be making tea while I got myself together. When I came out from the room where my facial was being done they had tea and Moroccan Baklava waiting for us. They even poured my tea for me, talk about hopsitality. Next to me was a lady who had just come out of a massage and couldn’t stop raving about her experience.

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I had such a great experience with my facial that I went back to get a hamam. I just had to experience it for myself and man was it worth it. Since the Hamam in Morocco was so amazing I didn’t think this one could be any better, but it truly was. The hamam at this spa was very personal. Don’t worry ladies, they provide disposable underwear so you’re not fully nude. At the beginning of the hamam they took me to a room where they put soap on me and then brought me to a steam room. My appointment was first thing in the morning, which was a great way to start my day. But, because it was so early the steam room as filled with steam. I won’t lie, it was a little scary at first after a few minutes in there I began to relax. Another client who was getting a hamam as well joined me in there and we were able to sit in the steam room together. Even though I was scared at first because I couldn’t see anything (not even my feet or the door for that matter), it was definitely something I was glad to experience and the more time I spent in the steam room the more relaxing it became. After ten minutes they took me back to the shower room. Where they had me lay down and scrubbed my whole body and washed my hair. They made sure to ask if I wanted my hair washed or not. At one point had my whole body from my shoulders to my feet were covered in bubbles which was super cool and something that I hadn’t seen before. I must say, this spa gave me a lot of great first time experiences. They also had multiple shower heads in the ceiling of this room so as you laid on the bed they had the water pouring on you to rinse your body off. When the hamam was over they had a towel and a robe ready for me for when I was done rinsing myself off. Then they of course made me tea to end my experience. They really set the bar high for my next spa day! If you’re ever in the DFW area and you’re looking for a great Moroccan spa experience this is the place! You can book by calling (469) 803-5833 or sending an e-mail to marochamamspa2018@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention ASIA09 for 25% off your visit.

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